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We’ve combed the globe for exciting, irresistible flavors, and just had to add a few of them to our product list.  Some are seasonal; others grace the table all year long.


Grey Sea Salt - The real thing from the Geurande. It's greyish, large-grained, and crunchy. It tastes like the sea. It's totally organic. It will cake up on humid days. This stuff sells for about eighty cents a kilo in the local supermarche. Every French home has a salt-cellar-full -- for tossing into soups, stews, and boiling water, fine-tuning sauces, dipping buttered radishes, and folding into bread dough. 

Fleur de sel - The finer, whiter top layer of sea salt, lovingly ladled off and scooped into prized packages. Chefs swear by it as a condiment. 

Atlantic Smoked Salmon
- Make this succulent smoked salmon a priority when company's coming. Our smokehouse is a family operation, and top-ranking restaurant to boot.  You'll love the mildness of the smoke, the firmness of the salmon, the compliments of your guests.
Fiddlehead Ferns - Asparagus-y ferns are an early harbinger of Spring. They shoot up and curl tightly into pinwheels. We rub them to remove wispy foliage, wash, and parboil. Good hot with butter and lemon, or cool with vinaigrette. 

White Asparagus - Thick, luscious and pure, these Spring delights have many European fans. Lovingly enterred in freshly-turned Loire soil. Makes a pudgy finger food with homemade chive mayo or elegant vegetable with Spring lamb.
Ramps - This long, slender shoo-in for scallions is a sassy, garlicky vegetable. Its green leaf should be savored with the white stalk. Marinate and grill, or add whole to roasting juices. 

Cavaillon Melon - "Toujours" Provence. Sun-kissed melon that oozes sweet, natural flavor. Savor its vibrant orange flesh with smoky ham and a splash of Porto. 

Mache - Soft, buttery, clean on the palate. Our mache digs its roots deep into the best French dirt. Flavor shoots out to the ends of the leaves, giving it a flavor the hydroponic stuff could never achieve. Spoon coddled eggs onto a nest of mache. 

Hearts of Palm - The fresh version of little tree trunks, grown in bushes to avoid tree-a-cide. One-pound bags. Just parboil and slice into tomato-cilantro salad, chicken stir-fry.
Crosnes (Available Oct-Jan.) - Tubers with a twist. About an inch long, twisted like a corkscrew, with flavor reminiscent of a Jerusalem artichoke. These darlings of the gourmet set are coquettish on a plate, creamy in a stew, and cooked in a flash. 


Red Bordeaux - Served in little cubes along with pates, swirl into pan juices of red meat, game, and hearty poultry dishes.
White Bordeaux - Turn a baked, broiled, or grilled fish into a celebration with a spoonful of wine jelly.  Turn a chicken around by lacquering the skin with it.  Mmmm.
Sauternes - Why do all those chefs turn out better foie gras than mine?  Here's their secret, and they're not buying little jars of it either!  After a morning pick-me-up on toast, you'll be ordering it by the bucketful too.


Truffle Basket - One ounce of fresh black truffle nestled in a hand-woven basket. Recipe booklet included. 

Truffle Basket Plus - Think gilding the lily, adding a T1 to your line. When you add a 7.8 oz. bottle of Black Truffle Oil and a 3.5 oz. container of Black Truffle Butter to your Black Truffle Basket, you'll save $3.50.

Mushroom of the Month - One and a half pounds of fresh, seasonal mushrooms are shipped each month for three months. We choose the freshest, most exotic variety each month.  ( If this is a gift the recipient will receive a letter regarding the shipping dates. ) 

Fresh Wild Mushroom Assortment - For the mushroom lover who adores a bit of adventure.  We pack three varieties of fresh, in-season mushrooms to cook together or separately.  1/2 pound each of 3 fresh, exotic mushrooms.  Ships overnight.


Misto - Get your truffle oil where you want it - by spraying it!  This pump-operated sprayer is perfect for misting lettuce leaves,  touching up pasta or carpaccio, or moistening the skin of a duck or chicken on its way to the roaster.  See our Hot Sheet for this month's amazing offer!

Get Fresh. Go Wild. 
Get fresh, wild mushrooms, overnight.

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